Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale

Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale

Rewriting the Foundations of Physics

Scholar's Press ( 2017-12-01 )

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This book, Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale, proposes that a new physics exists. The findings are based on 18 years of extensive numerical modeling with empirical data, and therefore, both testable and irrefutable. In 2012 Prof. Nemiroff, using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope photographs, showed that quantum foam cannot exists. In the same year Solomon showed that both exotic matter and strings could not exists. In 2015 the Kavli Foundation, with Prof. Efstathiou, Prof. Pryke, Prof. Steinharrd discussed the issues with the Planck Space Telescope findings of a Universe that is significantly simpler than our theories. Therefore the need for new physics. The replacement of the Schrödinger Wave Function with the simpler Probabilistic Wave Function, results in a new electron shell model based on the Rydberg equation giving exact results with quantum mechanics; leading to a new Standard Model and the unification of photon shielding, transmission and invisibility as the same phenomenon. Solomon’s inference is that any current or future stealth technology can be neutralized.

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Benjamin Solomon

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