A continent in tears

A continent in tears

The Origin of Africa's Collapse and How To Reverse It

Scholar's Press ( 2015-04-30 )

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Launching Africa into prosperity: a compelling solution-directed study of African culture, assets, underdevelopment, poverty and potential by a native born African scientist. A deep analysis of the real causes of African poverty and the solutions to launch Africa prosperity with an insider’s review of deeply held beliefs and practices that bar progress. After a review on Africa development, the author demonstrates the importance of human resources in the process of launching Africa. Educational and religious problems are identified. The main roots of Africa underdevelopment are analyzed and discussed: brain drain of educated, creative and innovative citizens; regional and tribal wars; lack of a relevant educational system; common African cultural thought conditioning and the mentality that blocks progress; management of natural resources and how other countries are poaching Africa’s resources; witchcraft and aberrant spiritualism as a deterrent to progress; political and administrative corruption; characteristics of leaders Africa needs; impact of uniting African nations; procreation issues; African intoxication with all things Western that are not in its best interest.

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Roland Ahouélété Yaovi Holou

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Development theory and development policy