Vatican War Against Nuns

Vatican War Against Nuns

Scholar's Press ( 2015-07-24 )

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The Vatican War on nuns exploded a few years ago. It had been a source of irritation to the Vatican Curia and to Pope Benedict. The nuns claim they were simply following the directives of Vatican II, the Church Council of the late shaped in the 1960s under the Popes John XXIII and Paul VI. That Council brought major changes to the Catholic Church, change the current Pope, Francis I has heartily endorsed. The powers in the Conservative Curia have sought to modify various aspects of the decrees of the Council. Many nuns, especially but not only American sisters have argued that they are being singled out for living up to the spirit and regulations of Vatican II. They say the conservative prelates wish to get the nuns out of contact with the world and confine them to the old convents. This book give a close look at the issues involved and current aspects of the situation, especially from the current pope and the movement toward a truce.

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Frank Salamone

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